Email Cleaning

Is all I'm good for lately. I have the flu and although I'm passed the most...productive parts of the illness, I wound up pulling muscles in my chest which is making everything veryyyyy slow and painful. So it was a great day to sift through my inbox and organize it. I am stunned at the number of amazing readers that have found me through the breadcrumbs I have dropped to my new endeavors. I came across a message from a reader who had a desire to write but felt that she wasn't original enough.

So my response was:

 "Writing is the safest extreme sport there is. It's like jumping out of a plane but with no altitude to kill you. Open a word doc, crack out a few words and see what happens. You don't even have to show it to anyone if you don't want to. But TRY. You might just shock the shit out of yourself. Write just for you, write what scares you, write what you want to read. I would hate to think a voice was silenced out of self consciousness. If you want to try, try, come on, do it."

I hope that anyone that wants to try writing gives it a whirl. 

On the publishing front, I've been looking at so many angel pictures, I think I might sprout feathers. Spring is right around the corner and I am so very excited to see Crushed Seraphim fly.

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