Words can be trapped and held hostage by a stalled imagination. Opening a blank word document turns a key, and the letters spill hurriedly, gaining speed and momentum as they fight to make themselves heard on the page. Together finally, glued to each other with passion and purpose, the words can tell their story. The journey must grab its reader and keep their precious attention until the end of the tale.  

That ending must stick, click, it must cause the curiosity inside the reader to sigh with contentment. Now the words can recede, seeking shelter in the mind that spilled them forth until they are called upon again to work their magic, to become a story entirely different.

So, let me tell you a story ...



  1. Your description of words spilling forth reminded me of sperm. The best ones, the *right* ones get to become something so much greater.
    i'm not 100% perv, i swear.

  2. Haha. You rock. I think that is a great analogy.



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