5 Winners!

Hey Everyone,

I'm pleased to announce there were five winners in the Crushed Seraphim Giveaway! As soon as I get the print copies I will be mailing them out to my lucky friends. Thank you all for getting involved.

Because some readers are outside the countries I had listed in the previous giveaway, I'm going to do another one that includes every country available. Please watch for that.

My book release week has been amazing have you decided if you are Team Jason or Team Jack? Let me know!



  1. congrats for the five winners...i hope there will be another giveaway...that could be available here in philippines..

    i tried to buy a book, but the bookstores haven't got any copies yet..:'(

  2. Hey Sweetheart, it won't be in stores. Online only! My publisher will send overseas. http://www.omnificpublishing.com/



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