The dog's god damn diaper.

Lately, my little dog has been having trouble with "housetraining" I decided to buy him a diaper. I went into Petco and the dog diapers were $22. So I marched over to Target and purchased 3 toddler reuseable training pants. (24 months) I came home, cut a hole for his little tail and slipped them on. The first thing my husband said to me when he saw my regal maltipoo was, "I am never changing that diaper"

I laughed. The diaper looked silly, but worked like a charm. I was thrilled with how resourceful I am. I saved money and I'm helping the dog with house training. You see, he never goes in the diaper.  The husband has grudgingly pulled the diaper on and off the dog when taking him out. It is very cute and makes me giggle.

Today, I pulled out of the driveway all dressed up for my special event. I few miles into my ride the cell phone rings. I am surprised to see the hubby is calling me. He knows I can't talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time. Worried, I pick up the phone. "Your damn dog crapped his ####ing diaper!! It's so disgusting." Click.

So my man, bless his heart, changed the dog's diaper. Well, he pulled it off and hosed down the dog. What a great husband. I was laughing so hard I could hardly drive


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