Friday's a fickle

bitch. She only comes around after a lot of work! I do love her though. Tonight I'm eating Mexican food with make-it-at-your-table guacamole. I'm going to have to wear air-freshener lined pants. 

Crushed Seraphim's release is 11 days away. What? I know. It's freaking me out! In such a good way. By the time this book drops I will be in a full IBS inspired attack, I'm sure with heartburn out the ying yang. The stupid dance I do when I see a printed copy will be so very ridiculous.

So today's teaser is actually kind of deep and prettyish. Hope you like it!

“That wasn’t blood. It was love. It pours out of you when you lose faith.”
Tomorrow I will drop another nugglet of publicity.  Have a great Friday night!

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