My Grandfather

This week I had tears because my grandfather would have been so proud that I had a book available. He was the funniest, most alive person. I miss him. It's been more then a year. It's been more than two years? Time goes on I guess. I still miss him. I wrote this a few weeks after he passed:

Can’t Make Is to Was

I find when I think about Poppy I can’t change is to was. I can’t make the transition that good sense dictates. He can’t have been. He can’t be in the past tense.

Maybe other people can. But other people did not live life with such relish. If people have flames that flicker and sputter out at the end of their time, Poppy had lava, that refuses to obey any rules. He knocks down walls, burns a path that could never be ignored. He leaves a legacy so strong it becomes part of the landscape. If he touched your life, you won’t forget it.

Lucky enough to be called a friend? Well, that was a treasure that would never lose its sparkle.

But if he loved you.

But if he loved you.

Then close your eyes and know, deep inside where your heart settles right next to your soul, he is right there. You are chartered with a job. A job to take each day, and do something to celebrate being here.

Sing. Out loud.

Dance. To every song.

Laugh. Until you are gasping and crying.

Love. Like you will never leave.

If you are not having a good damn time, it’s your own damn fault.


  1. I bet your Poppy and my mum are up top leading the Omnific fanclub. He sounds like a wonderful man.

  2. Absolutely. I can still hear his voice at times.*toast*

  3. your Poppy sounds like a wonderful soul... you obviously are an extension of his love and joy for life.



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