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I am so thrilled to announce the release of Crushed Seraphim! The wait is over and it can now be yours. My excitement level is out of control. I’m having trouble sitting in one spot. I do hope you enjoy Emma’s journey. I’m 20,000 words into the sequel as well, so I would love to hear your input on anything you would like to see in book two.

Here is the book trailer in case you missed it!

Crushed Seraphim is available in print, eBook and ePack from Omnific Publishing in the United States as well as internationally:

From Amazon you can also purchase the print edition and the Kindle:

From Barnes and Noble Online for your Nook:

And from AllRomanceBooks.com as well:

 I have also offered to sign books and/or bookplates because I’m not going on a traditional book tour. If you would like your book signed, please mail the book with postage-paid return packaging and the proper information for me to personalize your message to the address below. On the return trip I’ll add a free homemade bookmark as way of thanks.

If you would like a bookplate instead, please send a self addressed envelope to the address below and I will send you a signed bookplate and a free homemade bookmark as well!

Debra Anastasia
P.O. Box 334
California, MD 20619



  1. i've really wanted to...but i cant its too far away from there..:'((

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Elle! ((Hugs))

  3. Debra- can't wait to send you my book to scribble in. That is so friggin awesome!!



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