3rd place!

So a while back I entered a 24 hour writing contest. I wrote my piece and sent it in. I didn't think about it again until a fellow writer contacted me telling me that I was in the list of winners! How exciting, right? It's awesome. But I totally forgot what I wrote. I clicked the link.

I had titled my entry Hooker in a Casket 

As most of you know, I can't be trusted to write anything normal. I remember when I participated in a sweet friend's surprise birthday blog, I wrote her a short story about a prostitute on her last day of work. It was edgy and sad.

The day of her birthday I clicked the link to her blog and read all the super sweet, adorable birthday wishes. And then there was my entry about a hooker. Happy Birthday?? What the hell was I thinking.  She was very sweet and said she liked it. But you know in her head she's thinking, "Hairy Christmas, this girl is nuts." My story was like a pimple on a birthday cake.

Anyway, back to my winning entry. It has armpit hair, a wet sounding fart, etc. Yeah. So I call my parents and tell them the good news. They are so proud.

 Mom: "What's the story called? I'm going to send it to all your aunts!"

 Me: "Mumble mumble casket."

Mom: "What?"

Me: "Hooker in a casket."

Mom: "..."

Me: "Yeah."

 So good times in my family. Only I could manage to win something that might actually hurt me if I put it on a writing resume. I'm a nimrod. Well, we should all laugh at me, so here is a link to my craziness:


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