Big Nuggets

Recently, My husband and I pulled up to a local Chick-fil-a, kids waiting for lunch in the back of the van. Now, my husband has one very weird problem. He sometimes uses a high pitched squeal when ordering from drive through speakers.This time the chick on the other end of the speaker forgot to address him as “'Mam”.

Which happens.

A lot.
To him.
And it makes me laugh.
Now, she didn’t call him “sir” either, but I keep the observation to myself.
We pull up. Respectable. Reasonable.
She looks him dead in the eye and says in a really loud voice


Now that comment is just too much.
Come on.

So many jokes I want to crack.

Loud, inappropriate jokes.

My husband won’t look at me. He knows what I'm brewing. I start nose laughing.

He's still avoiding me. I'm surprised at his self control. Because he probably already knows what jokes I'm telling.

In my head.

And they are good ones.

This past Father’s day, I let my daughter pick out her dad's father day gift all by herself. She found a T-Shirt with a squirrel on it. She insisted on it. I did try to steer her in other directions. His face was precious when he opened it.

So only my comment, after we were clear of the hard working chicken girl, was, "Well, your nuggets are big."



  1. You are truly one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know we've never met, but my word woman you are hilarious.

    Sidenote: When I was 7 my dad helped me pick out a Christmas gift for my mom. I settled on the furriest (as in fake fur) floor length magenta bathrobe. My dad also tried to steer me in another direction, but I wanted mom to have that pink furry robe. Bless my mom's heart, she wore that thing for a couple of years... and my mom hates pink.

  2. Aww. Hip hip hooray for awesome pink robes. That is the cutest thing.



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