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A while back I was contacted by Omnific Publishing with the opportunity to contribute to a charity anthology. Included in the Summer Lovin' Heat Wave Anthology is a story I wrote. It is the fairy tale style story about an evil queen-to-be and her brush with a defiant warrior. She must learn to love someone other than herself to impress him and save her country. This Anthology is for adults, with some hot love. The authors participating in this edition are: Kasi Alexander, Debra Anastasia (me!), Robin DeJarnett, Jesssica McQuinn, Lisa Sanchez, BJ Thornton

All proceeds will go to the Save the Ta-ta's foundation. It's just astonishing how many lives breast cancer has affected. I don't need to tell you the stories of the people I know, because unfortunately you can most likely close your eyes and picture someone you care about's struggle.

So this effort is for the person that brings tears to your eyes when you see their bravery. This is for you if you've heard the diagnosis of breast cancer with disbelieving ears. As women we can stand together and do something. After all the pain, determination and sadness, how can we not?

However you contribute to the fight against cancer, you have my deepest thanks. If you would like to contribute to this one please click the link below. The Anthology goes on sale on July 5th and will read "sold out" until then.

Also, please check out the Summer Lovin' Summer Breeze which is rated for YA readers. It includes these talented authors: Hannah Downing, Nicki Elson, Sarah Glover, Jennifer Lane, Killian McRae, Carol Oates, Susan Kaye Quinn.

The link to the YA Anthology is here:

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  1. Aw, very sweet dedication for the anthologies. It's always cool to see a group of people pull together for a united cause.

  2. Thanks Nicki, I can't wait to get to your story in the compilation!

  3. After reading your book I am looking forward to your short story. I'm very proud to be a part of this project with a bunch of such talented writers.

  4. Your story sounds great! Can't wait to get my hands on both anthologies!

  5. Hey Debra, ooh, an evil queen? Sounds fun. I look forward to reading your book and your short story and your next book...I gotta get busy! :)

  6. I agree with Jennifer... the evil queen does sound like fun. Love your call to arms for the cause.



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