Disney Trip Report

Hi guys.

I went to Disney. Of course I brought the family too. It's not always all about me and my love affair with the mouse.

This is the trip that shouldn't have been. The trip that wasn't going to be. In our previous visits to Disney for the past 14 or so years, my parents were cast members. They were seasonals, working a scant few hours. Because of this we were able to partake in the Disney vacation on our budget due to cast discounts.

But that all came to a screeching, surging, flailing halt when my parents received the news that they had been let go. No Disney. No nothing. Not even a mickey shaped ice cream. And they did not find out until it was almost time for our trip. No time to save up for the visit to Mickey.

So we were preparing to go to visit my parents and no giant furry characters were going to be there. No castle. I was fine with it. Yes I was. Stop. Okay I was internally having a temper tantrum, but who is going to cry for me -Argentina? No one. We have been to Disney a boopazillion times. We didn't even need maps. We don't deserve extra anything.

There would be no need for hand- painted shirts. No Tinkerbelle presents. No window decorations.

Okay, I really was hoping Argentina would bust a tiny tear for me.

Butt then.... butt then...my mom called with incredible news. We would be getting four park hopper tickets. The kind people at Disney had forgotten about my mom's tickets that she had earned and sent them to her!

We would get one glorious day in the parks.

How cool is that? In the past I would have lamented the measly one day trip. But when it had been no Disney at all and very, very bleak ( I was planning on capturing some of those Florida lizards and having them sign my girl's autograph book whether they liked it or not)

But now one day was looking us in the face and dancing around. And we were dancing with it!!

One perfect day. Leave early from my parents (about an 1 1/2 away) and stay until closing. Then we would drive back after closing and I would pinch all of Mr.'s soft parts to keep him awake on the ride home.

Then my hubby had an idea. He snuck off to make a phone call. Maybe he was afraid of the pinching. I am incredibly accurate at that.

He came back victorious! He had not one but TWO, TWO nights at POP Century. POP CENTURY!

POP is my very, very favorite.

So this trip report will be for three days. Getting to POP, Going to Disney and then our last day and the things we did on our way home.

Who was with me? Well...

Hubby, 36 a very patient man who works in a school system. He is also friggin' hilarious, loves to party, sing, and flash his dimples at me.

My son, 12 who is just a magnificent person. He is staggeringly smart and remember everything he learns. He has an engineering mind and loves all sorts of transportation.

My daughter, 9 loves Disney. She is a huge fan of the characters because they are her dream come true. She loves animals and huge ones that walk around? That's fantastic. She still believes, though I'm sure it was our last trip with that kind of magic.

And me, 37 I do the stay at home mom thing plus I'm a substitute teacher and an author. I'm new to knitting and loving it. I like sunsets, walking on the beach and slapping clowns.

We have three dogs and a cat. Spike is a rescue from a Wyoming puppy mill. He's a multi poo which means he poops multiple times in the house. Snowy is a spitz mix that was rescued from the streets. She's our oldest dog and has gone blind. She is adorable and takes all her jobs she delegates to herself very seriously. One of her most important tasks is sleeping on the floor next to any sleeping human. She is so cute. And our weirdest dog is Peanut, a cocker spaniel. Dear heavens she is a dingbat. She is good with the kids, but in her head she is always rioting. She wants food and you have it. In her mind, if a door opens (any door, including closets) It's on like Donkey Kong. She jumps on any table that may have food. Yes, including the kitchen table. She is a 50 pound nimrod, so she makes a ton of noise.

She is cute though. At least there's that. My in laws in New York were kind enough to take this crew during our Florida visit. They are angels.

We also have a cat. His name is Blackberry. He is the coolest cat in the world. I will tell you his story, but not today. His post needs like spotlights and a drum roll.

So the phone calls happened. Then the plans formed. We drove straight through to Florida this time. No waiting, no overnight in a hotel.

It's a 16 hour drive (give or take) We piled into our vehicle at about 2:00am and we were off.

The ride was pretty uneventful, which is always good. The rest stops on the way down are weird, because sometimes you're busting into a McDonald's to "borrow" their restrooms. On our way to New York there are proper rest stops that are like little malls of wonderful. The ride to Florida is a crap shoot.

So when I'm not walking in on a casting call for a Quentin Tarintino movie thinly disguised as a fast food restaurant on stops down South, I'm happy.

So I wasn't expecting a problem with the honest-to -goodness billed-as-a-pee-stop break. We were in Florida, things were looking good. The little mall like stop reminded me of New York Style rest stops. A few hours left on the monster ride. I did notice a few buses out front, but whatever.

The ladies room was packed with elderly ladies. I go into my stall and my girl goes into the one next door to me. Things commence. I'm looking straight ahead when I'm surprised by a face peeking under my door.


I'm looking at her, she's looking at me. I do not know her. Well at least I think she is looking at me. She's wearing super dark aviator glasses that cover at least half her face.

We stare at each other. I say nothing. I mean what could I say? "Let me check for you?" The stall clearly only has room for me and my butt.

"DORIS?!" She says again.

I try to become invisible. My name is not Doris, nor have I nicknamed any parts of my body Doris.

I shrug. This old bag is amazingly flexible for her age. She must partake in big blobs of yoga.

At least if she is busy interrogating me about Doris (who she clearly thinks I have stuffed in the toilet and sat on top of) she isn't creeping out my daughter.

After another awkward pause, her head is gone. Her orthopedic shoes make her as sluethy as a Death Eater.

So that's how I was welcomed into Florida this year.

Up next will be a tale of being slightly retired at 37 and freaking loving it.


  1. Disney!!! I'm so glad the trip worked out for you...scary aviator lady and all. I'm going in October. :D And yes, I'm letting my family come along as well. Except the bunny.

  2. Hurrah for Maccas rest stops! Driving in Australia- that's pretty much the only type that you get.
    Excitingly for me, I get to go to DISNEYLAND PARIS!!!!! =-D next month. Only my second time EVER in Disney. =-)

  3. @Nicki where are you staying?

    @Rachel I will need to hear all about it!



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