I want a Bagina

Pronounced Ba-gine-ah

This a story I am not allowed to tell, for the record.

 For the longest time girlchild and I had a nickname for the lady business. She knew the actual term for vagina, but we didn't say it often.

Tonight we were having a Goodbye to Summer Water Gun and Balloon Fight. And it was girls vs. boys. So girlchild and I fill up first and run out to hide behind the minivan (which we always choose for our hiding spot).

Each of us our juggling our guns and one very full water balloon. Girlchild finally figures out a way to hold them all while we wait.

She says, "Look mom you can balance it on the van bumper" (the balloon) 

I say "I'm okay, I just hold it all with my big giant hands"

She looks at me funny, then says, "Did you just say your big Bagina is in the way?"

To which I cracked up and said, "No! My big HANDS!"

Then we had  the battle with the boys. 

Later, when she's getting dressed she starts singing, "Bagina, Bagina."

Then she asks, "That's what's its called right?"

I say, "No it's with a 'V.'"

So she says, "Baginav?"

At this point I'm DYING.

I correct her and then I hear her new song, "Vagina, Vagina. It sounds like Virgina but it's not Virgina, It's vagina, vagina."

She stops signing long enough to peek out at me from her room, "That's actually kind of pretty. I think if I have a daughter I'm going to name her Vagina."

I just nod my head while I try not to cry laugh. I should dissuade her, I owe it to my future grand daughter, but I can't help myself. She is so damn cute.


  1. Hillariousness!!!!! Hopefully she'll change her mind before any grand-daughters come along. =-D

  2. LOL I hope you remind her of this with the birth of your first grand daughter

  3. Pretty good chance she'll change her mind when she's older but definitely remind her of this story when said grand daughter is born. Not in front of boyfriends, PLEASE!


  4. OMG! That is so frickin' precious!! Hilarious!! That's a story for the grandchildren, for sure!!

    Thanks for sharing... I loved that.
    Charli oxox



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