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Every time I open my email I have a new, exciting thing to review regarding Poughkeepsie. What the book will look like is starting to take serious shape. It's like putting a dress on a dream. Life is like a steamroller on steroids right now between work, house demolishing, insurance issues, kids and school. But the thrill still shoots through me when I see the next piece.

 And then there is the worry. It's a bitch. I try not to let it in, but when I'm sleepy it hits. Will the house be a sufficient replacement? Is the insurance offering me too little to replace? Will the book stink? Do all the connections and relationships still feel as real as when I first wrote it?

 I guess that's normal. Or as close to normal as I get. My girl is going as an angel for Halloween. I think that's cute. All the Crushed Seraphim stuff finally got to her. The son will be a butcher, but I think he just wants the Slim Jims and Beef jerky I've promised him for the apron's pockets. Wouldn't it be cute for him to hand it out to his friends?

 Here is the link to the YouTube playlist again. I'm updating it daily until the release. On the side of this blog you can find the countdown as well. On October 22, 2011 9:00pm EST Beckett Taylor from Poughkeepsie @Beckett_Taylor will be tweeting. He'd love for you to show up! Be warned, he's dirty, flirty and very bad.

 Happy Thursday guys!


  1. That's awesome your daughter will be an angel for Halloween! Hopefully she won't be as foul-mouthed as your angel, hee hee. Hope things resume normalcy in your life soon.

  2. The night time doubts always hit me hard too. Just pray and go to sleep and it'll all look more promising in the morning. ;)

  3. Angels and a butcher with slimjims in his apron... that is the making of a story right there.

    Love the trailer :)

  4. Trust me. There is no WAY that you could have ruined Pough. Not unless you left the same names in and let an echidna fill in the rest.
    Tweeeeenty-five daaaaaaaaaysss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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