Is everywhere to day and tits blowing my mind. 

How awesome can one day be? This whole week has been amazing. Between Poughkeepsie being listed as a few of my favorite bloggers' Favs Of Twenty Eleven and now Beckett being featured as The Unread Reader's book boyfriend coupled with his interview with Rhonda, Elena, and Sam being posted, he's totally getting a lot of love today.

 He's such a favorite character for me. I adored him when I wrote him. His voice was sooooo unfiltered. Can I just give a shout out to my publisher, Omnific Publishing, for having the balls to let Beckett be as raw as he needed to be? I'm still grateful. 

Beckett, for me, is like the most dedicated version of love. Sometimes, for love, you have to do something that you'd never picture yourself doing. I remember my sister had choreographed a dance in college. To support her, my whole family went along with a handful of friends. It was the weirdest damn thing. Don't get me wrong, the piece my sister was involved in was so fantastic. Gorgeous. 

But the rest? So, so strange. It was experimental theater where they played with the lines between the audience and the performers.  Even if you didn't want to. 

At one point every single audience member had to be "born" by crawling under a moaning actress dressed in nude spandex. 

Even my Dad. 

But dammit, we did it because it was my sister's thing.  We wanted to support her. And boy, did we. 

I still have nightmares about seeing my parents "born."

But that's the essence of Beckett for me, standing there --no matter what-- for the ones you love.

So check out Beck: Unread Reader

And Sam, E and R's Awesomness!


  1. Awe!! Thanks for giving our blog an opportunity of getting to know Becketts character more. We loved it! We patiently wait for the next novel in hopes we all go buck wild as we did with Poughkeepsie so be prepared... Ahaha!

    Hmmm.... I can understand having to support your sister but damn that sounds awkward. Just reading it made me burst out laughing and corking up an eyebrow. Yeesh! The things people do for the people they love :)

  2. As disturbing as that story is, lol, I get it. He is the lighthouse in the storm for the characters in Poughkeepsie. Everyone goes to him when it's dark. I love it. Hope I didn't stalk you too hard today. *winks* I just really love this book.

  3. Fun with.Beckett.... What could be better???
    Thank you Debra, you're always welcome at our house.

  4. Yes! Thank you all for allowing Beck to be himself! I wouldn't have him any other way! :)

  5. We've all done things for family that we'd really rather not. However, what always got me about Beckett was that even in his line of work, he trusted his brothers implicitly, 100%.

  6. Is there going to be a book about Beckett? I just finished the book and wonder where he went. I can't believe he would just give up on Eve or her him. I think Beckett deserves to have some sort of happiness too don't you think? I hope there will be more.

  7. Beckett has quite the adventure after the wedding. It may become a sequel, not sure yet. I have two books to write before he gets his opportunity. Thanks for reading!



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