For A Good Time

2011. I could say it sucked a set of hairy, sweaty, dingly balls. I won’t. Because the year you get is better than no year at all. I’d never be stupid enough to take the time I get for granted.

There were obstacles, but in the end we’re here. I’ve been thinking about my grandfather today, and what he’d tell me if I was lucky enough to have him on the end of the phone instead of the end of a prayer.

We were friends, he and I. I adore him still. He was such a huge presence in any room. He liked his music loud, his drinks on the rocks, and his laughter loud. When I was little, we’d go to his house for a visit and he’d crank patriotic parade music -like so freaking loud. He would pull down the American flag from the front by the door and hand it to my sister or I and we would parade. He would call out commands in his super loud Sergeant from WW II voice and every damn person there would join in. We’d go outside, around the driveway, wherever we wanted.

As a little kid I thought it was just a fun way to start the party. Now, looking back, I know what it was. My grandfather had a handsome brother who also served in WWII as a pilot. My great uncle lost his life in the last days of the war. But my grandfather, being who he was, celebrated what his brother had protected. My grandfather wanted us to be proud, have a great day, because his family had earned it for us.

Going to a restaurant with my grandfather was hilarious. He knew the waitresses and often wolf-whistled when he wanted their attention. You’d think it would be obnoxious, but it wasn’t. The way he did it just made them laugh.

In his eighties I would get a call and we would chat. He never let the conversation go on too long and I never heard him complain of any ailments. But what he said? Always worth hearing, remembering. One of his favorite pieces of advice was, “If you’re not having a good time it’s your own goddamn fault.”

I just love that. No matter what life has handed me, I’ve fallen back on this, eventually. Once everyone was safe and things that needed to be done were done, then it was time to take stock and have a good damn time.

I could write a book about him.  And there’s times that I think I will. It’s what I do now and I’ve yet to create or imagine a character quite as spectacular as he actually was. 

So I know that if I follow his lead, which I always hope I have the guts to do, I won’t try and piss on 2011 as it heads out the door.  I’ll hand it a flag and turn the fucking music up really, really loud. 


  1. What an awesome guy - and an awesome post! It's a great attitude to have! *hugs*

  2. You are a positive force in a world of disorder. I'm glad that you had someone in your life that reminded you of these things. I had my grandmother. She died when I was 12, but we built so many memories in those short years, I'll never be able to recount them all. 2012 is gonna be ours, baby! Let's rock it! :)

  3. 2011 cemented you as an author..... twice! Always focus on the positive. =-)



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