On Book Boyfriends

So, Missie from the Unread Reader started the coolest meme called "My Book Boyfriend"

It is too much fun to see who the bloggers that participate use to portray the character they pick each week as a boyfriend.

I'm so freaking proud that some of my characters have been featured as Missie's boyfriend and picked by another blogger as well.

 First, there was Satan from Crushed Seraphim:

 Jack  for Missie included this crazy hot picture:

Then Jess from Book Passion for Life picked Jack. And she picked this picture:

And now with the release of Poughkeepsie some of the characters have been doing their duty as Book Boyfriends!

 First up was Missie from Unread Reader who chose Blake Harrt, my homeless hero, to take her on a very romantic date. She even altered her special graphic for the occasion.

And Book Passion for Life had sweet Jess take on all three brothers. At once. Ahem. Jess used the following pictures to represent the boys:



And Blake

So how fun was that? My favorite part, besides seeing the pictures the girls selected, is knowing that they are keeping the characters in their hearts. I feel that way about reading --once I've found a book that touches me, the characters become mine. So as a writer, that's really exciting, to have my boys stake their claim on readers.

 Please check out these two bloggers (well, three BPFL has another awesome blogger too, Donna) they rock my face off. Also, Omnific Publishing is having a .99 cent sale on some really great books, so check that out too! 

Want to win the freaking Hell out of Poughkeepsie and in some cases Crushed Seraphim? Here's allllll the links! 


  1. Well how could we not mention all the boys? They're all amazing, and great in the sack *ahem*. So glad you're proud of our hard work. We love your books and we most definitely heart you! Can't wait for more swoony men to come from you.


  2. I LOVE who Jess picked as Beckett! *melts*

    He's the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold.

  3. Thanks for the yummy eye candy. I LOVE the actor for Cole and still watch Grey's Anatomy for that reason! What a fun meme.

  4. I love the one Jess picked for Beckett. Then again, I'm partial to dark hair and let's not lie...tattoos! YUM!

  5. Yummy eye candy, I love it! I'm digging Cole, but Blake is looking tempting too. ;)

  6. @BPFL I can't wait to serve up some more men for you Jess!

    @Missie I know, right? Perfection! The video with your Blake was too epic.

    @Jennifer I actually have only seen pictures of him, but now I want to see him in action!

    @Jen Hey Cutie! That guys now has even more tats. Woof.

    @Cherie Hey sweetness, that's for popping by!



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