Blake's Cardboard Piano Stop Two

Hey Guys!

Blake's Cardboard Piano had another amazing stop! Jillian *just* got her Poughkeepsie tattoo on her ACTUAL body! I think this really seals the deal, I'm going to have to get one too.

I think Nise and the girls started a great tradition of a letter to Blake, and Jillian continued it as well. So check out her gorgeous letter and matching pictures! Would you like to join? I'd LOVE to have you along, email me at for more information.

Dear Blake,

I was beyond excited, and totally teary eyed, to receive your piano in the mail today! It came on the same day I went for my Poughkeepsie tattoo… what an amazing Poughkeepsie filled weekend!

I live in Ambler, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. I took your piano to all of the places I pictured in my mind when I was reading your story.

My first stop was St. Mary’s Villa for Children and Families. The Villa was originally an orphanage for boys. It was run by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth and moved to the location in Ambler in 1936. Their mission is to empower children and families to lead responsible lives and develop healthy relationships built on faith, hope and love. In the latter half of the century, the children under St. Mary’s care required more specialized services. Many were abused, abandoned or needed extra supervision and attention in school and in their residences. Social work services and appropriate therapies continue to be offered to the children placed in the agency’s care. Today, St. Mary’s Villa for Children and Families is recognized as a preeminent provider of services for abused and neglected children in the greater Philadelphia area. I can’t help but have a new appreciation for the spot I have driven by numerous times and had never given a passing glance.

The second spot was the Ambler train station. Years of renovation to the station have recently been completed and it made a fantastic backdrop for the piano!

Lastly, I took the piano to a little restaurant and café across the street from the train station, called Trax Café. This is a quiet little place that I could picture you playing piano in at night or sipping coffee sitting at one of the café tables outside in the sun during the day.

I want to thank you so very much for giving me an amazing opportunity to spend time with your piano. I have truly enjoyed making some great memories with it around my town!



Thanks so much Jillian for making stop number two so fantastic!


  1. Awww. This was sweet. What a beautiful journey.

  2. Hi Jillian! I live 5 miles from Ambler...know those sites well. Can't wait till the piano comes to me, I was thinking of taking it to Saint Mary's Cathedral in Andorra and hoping I could get in to take a pic at the 1400+ pipe organ there. I had been thinking about the Ambler Train Station because I love it, maybe I will take a quick run to Bryn Mawr since there isn't a train station in Lafayette Hill, but maybe we'll go to the Conshy station. (I live on the border of Conshy & LH). Ohhhh! I keep getting mind pic's from the book now and keep thinking of places to go....Great job with your locations :-)

  3. That was so sweet. Now I'm really nervous about the places I want to take the piano if I get the chance. Nothing really exciting in the town I live in...*pouts* I will have to do research b/c I did not grow up here. We shall see. Thanks so much Jillian.

  4. This was such a fun and interactive idea. Deb, you are a creative soul.

    We had a blast taking the piano around town and can't wait to see where it ends up.

    It's kinda like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants... "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Piano..."

    Jillian's tattoo is absoluutely lovely. I had considered using that one, but at the time, the knitting needles hadn't been added, and while Homeward owned me... losing Mouse broke my heart. I couldn't do mine without Mouse.

    Deb, you SO need to get this tatt. You've started a trend.

    It'll be exciting to read all the interesting places where the piano has traveled. What a keepsake you'll have when it finally comes home to you.

  5. Jilly!!!! What a fantastic trip you took the piano on!!!! I know you made Blake very proud.

    Debra, thanks again for such a fun idea!! You know Jillian introduced me to Poukeepsie, but I love seeing how much others fell in love with it like we did. Now I have to get to work on getting my tattoo!!!



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