Blah. I know they've been useful, and I've fed two infants with them, but today they're making me worry a bit.

 The other day I felt what I thought was a bruise under my breast sort of on the top of my rib cage. After closer inspection, there was no discoloring mark. So I did an exam and found an inflamedish seeming place. The other breast has a matching situation going on. So I keep checking, and keep finding after I prod around I experience pain.

 So, of course, I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. I've been wearing a bra style that I hate that I got on sale, so I'm thinking it's the under wire that has bruised me. I mean, two breasts at the same time in the same place, it would be weird for it to be cancer. I had my blood work done recently at my annual appointment, and everything was fine.

The funny thing is that if my stupid bra has given me this concern, how freaking ridiculous? My mother pointed out that only we women would be crazy enough to wrap wires around our soft parts to make them more alluring.

She's right. Then she went on to say, "You'd never hear I guy say 'Oh man my ball wires are killing me today.' And then keep on wearing underwire underwear."

 And that's true. Men just let it dangle. If for some reason they want to pad things up, what do they do? Stuff a soft sock down there. Not a cactus.

 Stupid fashion choices. I'll let you all know how tit goes. (hehe) I'm 37 so I'm wondering if my first mammogram won't be in the cards. Though, my situation is by my ribs and I can't imagine how they would get a picture of that in the smooshy table.

 Any advice from my fellow boob havers? And plus, here's my other author friends' linked below. Bounce bounce. (But gently for me today)


  1. I've had 3 mammograms so far and they're not so bad. :) They're not the most fun you've ever had, but they are sort of funny in their own weird way. You basically get moved around by the boob until they have it in the right spot. Kinda funny.

    In other news, I just recently got properly fitted by an actual bra shop and found out I was wearing a seriously wrong size - went from a 42 DD to a 38 I and I am SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE! You might try getting fitted. The bras are more expensive, but my god I've never been more comfortable. I had a few bras over the years give me marks like you're describing, and it could be you're wearing too small a cup size!

    *hug* Take care hon. Don't worry too much.

  2. Even though my girls are substantial, I've never been able to wear underwire bras because they are sooo uncomfortable! It's a challenge to find bras in larger sizes without underwire, but I'm an excellent huntress. ;) You're smart to check out the bruises even though I agree it's probably nothing. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so I started with mammograms at age 39 and I agree with hermia that they are not as big a deal as I expected.

  3. I can relate to your fears. Several years ago I woke up with a large painful lump in one breast. Immediately I believed my life was over. I couldn't breathe until I saw my doctor a fews days later. In seconds she told me that it was a cyst and referred me to a specialist to have the fluid drained. Apparently, these cysts can be caused by the estragen hormones pills. My doctor weaned me off estragen and I've been fine since. You'll be fine, Debra.

  4. I've run the gamut of bra styles in order to harness my DDs. I've done Victoria Secret (crappy selection of DDs pricey as all hell) the bras in a box (which is fine if you don't mind working the granny bra) Bali (meh) but my favorite, as of right now, are the Cacique from Lane Bryant. Gotta say, that Lane Bryant knows how to harness a knocker! I've got a good band in the back, cushiony straps that aren't 9 inches wide and they do both underwire and wireless!

    As far as the mammogram goes, it's not as bad as everyone made it out to be. Granted, it wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world, but it wasn't the worst thing either.

    And you know what, if men DID wear some sort of supportive sling around their balls, maybe they wouldn't hang to their knees when they're 40, just sayin.

  5. First, a hug for you. I would say those bruises are definitely from the bra because they're so symmetrical. And Jennifer is absolutely right. Last summer I got fitted by a proper bra fitter and found I was wearing a whole cup size too small. It made all the difference. I wear an underwire because it gives me more support when riding, but Calvin Klein makes a wonderful sports bra with no underwire that I also wear. I really liked you "ball wire" reference, though. Very funny! Try not to worry. Get it checked out for your own peace of mind and look into getting fitted.

  6. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate it. It's nice to have my girls to turn to!

  7. You know, when I see a blog post titled "Boobs" I know it's going to be interesting. I understand your fears. What you described does sound suspiciously like a bad bra. I've tossed bras for that very reason. One has to wonder if the stupid wire is really doing more than digging into our skin and I'll bet a man came up with that idea.

    On the underwire underwear for men... you may be onto something. Imagine the marking for that. (I'll let your imagination fill in the actual ad.)

    Hope all goes well tomorrow. Hugs!

  8. I've had bad bras. I'm sure it's just a bad under wire you had going on. It's happened to me before. I don't tend to get measurered as much as I should so sometimes all my bras are small, and cause me some pain. Maybe your it's that? Maybe your boobs have gotten bigger and a new measurement is required? I'm a 38E and it's sometimes a bitch to find the right bar, some are really unflattering. So I think the bigger the boob, the more unflattering the bra is.


  9. My mum always made me get fitted properly from the get go; and I've carried on the tradition. As they're better quality, the bras tend to last longer and thus I find that I actually SAVE money in the long run!



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