-Love of Books-: Poughkeepsie: Excerpt & Giveaway

-Love of Books-: Poughkeepsie: Excerpt & Giveaway: Hello, book lovers! I have something for you... want to know what it is? Okay. Debra Anastasia , the author of Poughkeepsie , is sharing ...


  1. Debra,
    I'm so in love with Blake. If I can't take him home and show him around Detroit, I'll be happy with the next best thing, his keyboard! Squee! I'm not sure where to sign up to become a part of such a fantastic journey his keyboard will travel but I would love to be considered for the honor.

  2. Hey gorgeous! That would so awesome to have you as a stop. Please email me at debra.anastasia@gmail.com
    and I will hook you up!!! <3



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