My stupididty is my super power.

So I'm sending out blogger request to review Poughkeepsie and I put a little bit of research into each one. I check out their about me pages if I don't already know them and make a few personal comments before slapping down the request. Doesn't that sound clever? Almost smart? But have no fear, I managed to screw it up. The first one I send out is to a spicy set of bloggers who use the phrase "sucking donkey balls" in the review policy.

So of course, I title the email Donkey Balls and then proceed to request the review trying to be being cheeky (with my ass that's easy) and funny (I hope.)

Then I proceed down the list of bloggers that I had to request for at least an hour, using the body of the first message for the info that n
ever changes (summary, trailer, etc). 


I have no idea how many bloggers I requested from because I'm afraid to look. Please someone confiscate my keyboard, I do not deserve this beautiful thing.


  1. I'm sorry. I'm laughing. And I shouldn't be because I'd probably change my pen name and genre cry for weeks. But I AM sorry and hope you can, er, un-suck that.

  2. OK well look at the bright side of this situation. It WILL get their attention... LOL No matter the publicity its still publicity right? You can fix bad.... lol Ok I am done with optimism. I still love ya no matter what.

  3. OMG, you always make me laugh so hard. Rolling here. That so sounds like something I'd or maybe have done.

  4. @Sandy, you laughing makes everything better! I finished up last night at 1:30am so God knows who much more damage I did to all the animal balls in the world.

    @Tamie I love you right back.

    @APoM I love you too, and I fucking love optimism.

    @Rachel Let's grab our balls and run around together. Your book is KILLING me you talented, gorgeous lady.

  5. Ahahahaha! I love you. You're so special. You know me Debs, if I had opened up the Donkey Balls email, I would have laughed and still thought you were awesome, and I would have replied!

    Love you long time.


  6. @Jess I know you would have and that's why you are so awesome!



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