Blake's Cardboard Piano Stop Three

Rhonda is a blogger here who has become a dear friend. Her blog is so lighthearted and a ton of fun. Really interactive. When she agreed to host Blake's piano, I knew it would be special. She took his humble piano to some amazing places. Most importantly, she let her baby girl hold it. Please enjoy her visit:

I was very excited to hear that Debra was sending Blake's piano out in to the world to visit us, and visit some of the places we live. 
I received the piano on a Saturday afternoon, and my intention was to do my thing on my day off.  Well, I got up on Sunday morning and decided that it would be a great day since it was Sunday and the traffic would be light.  I asked my daughter who is 8 yrs old if she would like to join me.  I showed her the piano, and the book trailer for Poughkeepsie, and explained the piano's role in the story, also what we were going to do.  She said, " That's so cool!"

So we set out on a route to a few landmark places here in Memphis.  Let me say, I am so glad she went with me, because this wouldn't have been possible without her.  It turned out to be a cold and windy morning and when we went down by the Mississippi River I need her to hold this
piano.  I told her to hold on tight, because I don't want to have to tell Mrs. Debra that this thing blew off into the Mississippi River.  Well she held on tight and all went well. Turns out I needed her to hold it quite a bit, she was such a great helper,and we had a blast doing it.

We went to: 

Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.  Had to go there! 

The National Civil Rights Museum. This is where Dr. Martin Luther king was assassinated, and Later was added on to and made into a museum.

The Mississippi River

Sun studio where some music legends have recorded, and is a national landmark. 


  1. What a great visit! Loved your places and the pics are fantastic! xo

  2. Thanks Jilly!! We has so much fun. Since my baby was studying MLK Jr. in school she was very excited to go to the Lorraine motel. She was as excited as I was to visit these places, of course for different reasons.

  3. What A Great Experience! I bet your Daughter was stoked Rhonda.

    I love the pictures and all the historical places,that's awesome!

    Best of all,loved that your story wasn't perfect,(just like in Poughkeepsie.)You didn't have a bright sky with nice weather,we saw Memphis' weather trying to ruin your day,but you worked it. You Go Girl!



  4. Hey ladies! Wasn't it awesome? Rhonda did a great job with her baby girl. Blake is very proud.

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