Breaking Dawn Twitter Party!

So, I got to thinking that on the day Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD I'll be watching it alone. I wished I could watch it with my online girls. I decided to set a date and time and see if we can all meet up and Twitter watch it! 

 Here's what to do! 
Go to and make an Account! Then follow me there at Debra Anastasia Here is the link to the party board! 

I will add you as a contributor, just email me your pinterest name and I will hook you up. You do have to follow me for it to work!

 Do you need an invite for pinterest? email me at and I will send you one!

Then you pin your things! What? You stuff. Your dress, your date, the car you'll take, your hairstyle, your shoes! Anything you'd like. 

 On the big day, log onto Twitter (I'm @Debra_Anastasia) at 9:00pm  EST and make comments with the hashtag #DawnParty

Questions? Ask me here, on my email or at Twitter. 

I have dibs on Mr. Depp.


  1. I wish I could join in with you. But unfortunately, the UK doesn't get the DVD until March, and by then you'll have watched it a 100 times over. And beside, 9pm your time, is probably 2am my time. Sucks.

    Have a great time though! Enjoy Edward, and sex up Jake as much as you can!


  2. Aww. really? That sucks. Maybe we can party again when you get yours?

  3. That definitely sounds like an idea! Funnily enough the DVD is released in the Uk on my birthday March 12th. So that's a nice little gift to me.

  4. Mine is the 19th! Know wonder we get along so well. ;)

  5. I know! It's too amazing. I'm totally buying you something. ;)



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