Disney Trip part #5

So we are off to Innoventions. BC has been in love with the place ever since he noticed the floor was a road. We'd wheel him around in his stroller, pretending he was a car. The full-sized fire truck was always a huge plus as well. We spend a good chunk of time in Innoventions during every visit. The dancing robot, building atoms, the kids going to the Pizza show with Grandma are all Anastasia family favorites. The kids are really crazy about that place and we love the respite from the August heat.. Ahhh the Heat in August, It’s like an uninvited adult that insists on a piggyback ride while you carry your sherpa-sized expedition bag usually one or two children and some sort of ice cream or candy that is dripping down your body into an icky hidden Mickey shaped stain. 

You get the kind of day that sweats for you. You sweat out of parts of your body that you didn’t know could sweat. Like your fingernails and your nose hair. I have to admit, I fell in love with the weather in April. I especially loved it as we made our way happily and un-sweatily to Alfredo's for lunch. We wanted to make it there in time. With our WHOLE party because…


On the previous Disney Trip we decided to try Alfredo’s for the first time. We were traveling with Grandma GS, BC and Mr. and Mrs. Anastasia. All BC wanted was to ride on the World Showcase boat. Fine. We all scroll through our head Disney Map (only amateurs don’t have the map imprinted on their brain) We decide being that we're running late, Grandma , me, and the kids will take the boat and Mr. A will pack his giant electronics equipment, the stroller, all our bags, etc and walk to Italy. We had assumed erroneously that the boat would not allow a stroller. We also assumed it would take us to the dock at the Germany Pavilion which of course is right next to Italy. 

We found out there is definite truth to the old adage about assuming things. Also apparently head maps are not the way to go either (Especially if the head holding the map is blonde). Anyway, we wait in line for the next water taxi as Mr. A heads out. We have our walkie-talkies and are keeping up on Mr. A’s progress. I'm sure this helped everyone enjoy a leisurely wait for the boat ride. I'm Chloe to Mr. A’s Jack (24 reference)

Me: “What country are you in?”

Him: “England!”
Me: “Move Faster Man”
Him: “What country are YOU in?”
Me: “We're still on the loading dock!, I repeat we are on the loading dock”

Finally, we load on the boat and pull way from the dock. I'm initially distracted by the breeze the moving boat creates, temporarily knocking that piggyback heat off of me. My relaxation doesn’t last long however, as I realize we're already pulling in to the next dock and it looks like it is in Morocco. We did not travel across the World Showcase Lagoon as we expected Instead, we went only TWO countries around the lagoon and we were docking again. Morocco is FAR away from Italy (geographically more so than at Epcot but even in the world showcase it is quite a hike.)

Me: "We're docking in Morocco!"

Him: "A Taco? No, we are eating at Alfrado’s it’s an Italian restaurant I’m in Japan did you dock in Germany yet?"
Me: "LISTEN MAN…The boat docked in MORacco we are in Morocco."
Him: "But, Morocco is behind me I'm already past Morocco I’m coming up on America."
Me: " Don’t go all drive-thru on me just relax we will get there."
Him (woman’s voice now): "I hope they don’t give away our table, (voice getting squeakier) I think there's some rule about the whole party being present (high pitched whine) I’m not sure where to park the stroller."
Me: "Don’t order a kids meal now, just relax, we don’t have much stuff we’ll be able to get there pretty quickly we’ll see you soon."

We hop off the boat and run the rest of the way to Italy. Lugging the heat and two kids. Grandma
is a treat my sister and I would beg for as children. There is nothing funnier than watching my mother run . She would win football games because once she took off we would all be laughing too hard to catch her. I'm doing my best not to look at her but the bystanders are feeling the effects of “the run .” I catch the amused glances on their faces wondering if this is some special Moroccan cultural dance as we sprint by in order to make our ADR and keep Mr. A from accidentally ordering a soft taco meal from Alfredo’s We arrive in Italy. Four sweaty, out of breath, laughing at the run , people. Mr. A is there with the stroller and all of his junk. He chuckles slightly at the sight of Grandma running and we say Buon Giorno to Italy. I make a mental note not to assume anything or rely on my head map anymore but as the mental note occurred inside my blonde head it quickly got erased before the first bite of delicious bread dipped in olive oil.  


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  2. I'm so in the dark about spam! A few days ago I got an email from someone expressing great things about my book and forwarded it to Kayla and Elizabeth. They advised me that I had been spammed. What a let down. In my youth, Spam was something my mom fried. Dang!
    Great story, Debra

  3. Oh my gosh! I can just picture everything happening! Laughing and running at the same time is hard to do. Love the 24 reference :)

  4. Those dancing symbols amazes me LOL. Anyway, I'm sure you had fun on that Disney trip. I can see. =)



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