Jilly's Tat!!!!!

Okay, Poughkeepsie now has four girls in the Tattoo club. Today we are celebrating Jillian! I was so excited to learn that she was taking the trip to the tattoo parlor, I had to interview her. 

1) You must be an exceptionally sensitive soul to allow words to so thoroughly touch you! What does your new tattoo signify for you?  

Aww, thank you! Well, my friends always ask when I recommend a book to them if it's "tattoo worthy" because I have a few tattoos that are book related...but only the books that leave a lasting impression on me get the honor of a tattoo.  Every time I look at my Poughkeepsie tattoo I am reminded of so many things.  I remember Blake's first words with Livia and how they made me love him instantly, Beckett and his awful texting skills and huge teddy bear heart, Eve's heartbreak and loss, Kyle and her total kick ass self, Cole and his honor and tightly reigned emotions....to put it simply, it signifies all the amazing emotions I felt while reading Poughkeepsie. *dreamy sigh*
4) Tell me about your tattoo parlor experience. I’m considering one myself (go Pough!) so I’d love to know how it went?  

Go Pough!!  I won't lie....it hurt like a BITCH! I went with a friend of mine who I had to warn that I get super chatty when I'm stressed.  So I blabbed the entire time about who-knows-what just to keep my mind busy and not think about how damn long it was taking (it was literally 20 minutes total but damn, it felt like forEVER).  Oh, and I sweat like a fiend when I get tattooed....sweaty palms, feet, the whole nine yards. My eyes always end up looking like a raccoon from my mascara mixing with the sweat.  Lucky me, right!?  So I was a sweaty, blabbing, racoon-eyed mess (try not to be jealous of the hotness!) but I ended up with a KILLER tatt! 
4) How does it feel to be so freaking awesome? 

 Since I'm a Leo, I will answer as only a Leo can......It feels like the freaking bees knees!!!! Just kidding...kind of ;-)  Honestly though, I'm just a suburban housewife and mom who was lucky enough to find this amazing book and I can't think of any better way to show the love than getting it tattooed :-)  
5) What is your favorite song, color, and holiday?   

hmmmmm..... song is a toughie! So many!  Let's see, All I Ever Wanted by Airborne Toxic Event, Silence by Sarah McLachlan & Delirium and The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance are some of my faves! Fave color would have to be black and holiday is the Fourth of July (my son's birthday yay!) with Halloween a close second!

Thank you SO much for such an amazing opportunity!!!  XOXOXO

How amazing is she? Thank you, Jilly for letting Poughkeepsie be in your life. I'm so adding those songs to this post. I have to hear them. Here's where you can find Jillian: Twitter



  1. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!! This is the coolest shiz EVER!!! XOXOXO

  2. so awesome...Im so thinking of doing this.

  3. @Jilly you freaking rock.

    @KRYork I want one too! Let me know if you get one. ;)

  4. That's so cool, Jilly! I've been wanting to get a tatt for years, but I'm still scared and I don't have anyone to hold my hand at the tattoo parlor, LOL. The Pough Tatt Club is gonna push me over the edge one of these days I tell ya! Love MCR! Debra, you should sell the temporary tattoo in 10-packs or something for those of us who are chicken. :)



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