Tag It Party!

I joined up with an Indie Tag it Party for authors!

 Check out more information here:


Hi Guys! Today I'm in a party that clicks your tags at Amazon for your books. The more certain tags are selected, the higher your book goes in the ranking. You do have to be signed in with Amazon. Did you know you can have a pen name there as well if you are not comfortable having your legal name out there? You can! I just found this out. Where it has "real name verification" click "Choose a pen name instead."

Also, please click "Like" The Facebook button right next to the book titles! If you have read the books, please review as it helps the book as well. Thanks so very much.

I'm going to be clicking and reviewing my ass off today. Below are my two books for party goers. But anyone that does this will get me wiggling my butt around in celebration!

Please tag my favorite for Poughkeepsie:

*Contemporary Romance
*Romantic Suspense

And for Crushed Seraphim:

 Please Tag Crushed Seraphim:

*Paranormal Romance

I'm off to tag. Thanks again. 


  1. Hi Debra, you've been tagged. And followed and joined! Good luck with your books.

  2. @Stephen I loved your post BTW! Thanks.

    @Nicki Thanks for posting yours, I had not one clue as to what to do until I read yours. Publishing sisters *High Five*

  3. Tagged, and following. Nice meeting you, Debra.

  4. Tagged, liked, and followed. I love you book covers.

  5. I'm following your blog, have tagged and liked too! Off for more tagging etc now :)

  6. I have tagged and liked your books on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Nice to meet you.



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