Feather Stone's Kick Off Party!


My Omnific Publishing sister is having a kick off party today for her novel, Guardian's Wildchild!

Below is her party day plans and information about her book and author info.

Kick Off Party Itinerary

Pre 9 a.m. Post
Let’s see your boarding pass, cruiser.  Get your coffee and munchies handy.  This is going to be an adventure you’ve never had before.  You’re about to meet all the main characters of my book, The Guardian’s Wildchild – some of them aren’t too thrilled about meeting you.  Nasty sorts, they are!
9 am Morning Salute
Meet Samaru Waterhouse, captain of the USS Nonnah.  He’s mellowed some since his days of dodging Admiral Garland’s trip wires.  Don’t be taken back by his crisp officer’s uniform.  If you can make him laugh, or just grin, you might earn a few extra giveaways on his blog.
Mid-Morning Meditation
Welcome Greystone.  He’s a Guardian Elder and mentor to Sidney Davenport.  Lost at sea 500 years ago, he was rescued by the Guardians.  His merging with the Guardian’s sacred truths slowed his aging to nearly a standstill.  In daily meditation, he and his fellow Guardian Elders use their powers of clairvoyance to witness the troubles of a world shrouded in darkness.  Greystone’s pretty quiet but if you want some advice you’ll discover his warmth and wisdom.
Lunch in the Mess Hall
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Admiral Garland.  Now I’m sure you recognize his face.  He’s been around the block and kicked a few derrieres in his day.  He’s one tough cookie, and can be rude, cruel, and lethal if you interfere with his secret project.  Unless you don’t mind being snarled at, I’d give him a wide birth.  But pick up a couple of giveaways on your way through.
Mid Afternoon Cruising
Okay, folks, pull up your deck chair and relax.  Well, not too relaxed.  You’re about to witness something that is quite bizarre.  Yes, this little beauty I’m holding is not what it appears.  But, then most things are more than what they seem.   Ladies and gentlemen, this is the cause of all of Sidney’s and Sam’s trouble.  I give you the sun crystal. 
Dinner at the Captain’s Table
Please give Sidney Davenport, our heroine, a warm welcome.  She’s full of fun, just like her brother Danik.  He promised a cameo appearance, I think just to keep his sister in line.  You know how she likes to play by her own rules.  Oh, just between you and me, hang on to your coffee cup.  Sidney has a tendency to use her telekinesis on a whim.
Heading to Shore
We’re winding down from a big day.  As a treat to all our loyal cruisers, there’ll be a short movie and popcorn.  But the day would not be complete if Seamus and Celeste didn’t make an appearance.  Clear the deck, folks!  I’m not sure just where they will swoop in.
Post 9 p.m.  Grand Prize Winner
We’ve arrived safely back at port.  I hope you made comments everywhere and joined in on the discussions.  You can continue to make comments for the next 24 hours if you were hoping to find answers to some of the questions.  A grand prize winner will be selected randomly from those persons who commented on all the blog posts and got all the answers correct.
The grand prize is:
·       A signed copy of The Guardian’s Wildchild
·       A travel mug
·       A tote bag
·       A book mark with a crystal
I will make the draws on March 7th and place information about the winners (grand prize winner, ebook winners, book mark and crystal winners) on my blog.  I will also contact the winners by email and send out the gifts as soon as I have the mailing addresses.
Thank you very much for coming to Captain Stone’s Kick-Off Party.  I send a huge gracias to the bloggers and authors who participated in this Kick-Off party.  You are the best!
Bon Voyage!

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