Places You Can Get You Some


There are THREE places to win Poughkeepsie during the:

Darhk Portal is giving away TWO eCopies of Poughkeepsie!

The hosts of the event, Sam, E and R's Awesomeness are giving away a Signed, Hugged, PRINT copy of Poughkeepsie  and a giant BLOB of swag!


And last and least: Me! I'm giving away a Signed, Hugged, Print Copy of Poughkeepsie and another BLOB of swag. The swag includes TWO crystal charm bracelets! What? I know! I make these bad larrys at my dining room table like a freakshow and they are pretty! Please sign up for you chance to WIN! (P.S. SER's Awesomeness has the same swag pack, so that's even more chances to bling yourself out.)

*PS, that is swag bookmarks that look like my book covers! Temporary Tattoos! The crystal bracelets have book-themed charms.

The Poughkeepsie one has a cross, music clef, knife and knitting needles. The Crushed Seraphim one has two snowflakes, a heart or cross and an angel wing.

Let's dance about this giant awesome together!

XOXO ~Debra


  1. Great giveaway! LOVE Flight of the Concords! LMAO

  2. They are the best ever! And hugs to your cute self ((hugs))

  3. I could watch that all day! Flight of the Conchords...boogie down, Jermaine Clement!

  4. Cool giveaway! I just had to sign up! Oh the boys look like they are getting ready to take 'flight'. LOL!

  5. Totes giggling over Flight of the Conchords!! *runs to get in on the drawings*



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