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Hey Guys!

Today I'm welcoming my Omnific sister,  Hannah Downing.


She graciously let me grill her!  She is celebrating her book, Pieces of Us


And I get to join her hop, and you can too!

Let's learn about her:

1) What was the most surprising thing about having a full length novel in the world, now that you have a year's worth of time to reflect on?
So much has changed in my life and yet everything is still exactly the same. It's such a strange thing. I still go to work, still have the same friends, still sit on my laptop late into the night writing, still read as many books as I can, still worry about paying the bills, going to the dentist and whether I've forgotten a family member's birthday. But, I think the most surprising was a few months ago when I was at the airport waiting for a flight and a lady was reading my book. I almost tripped over and fell flat on my face as I walked past her and saw my book's cover. At first I thought I must have been mistaken but she WAS reading my book. I then had a stupid conflict in my head of whether I should approach her and offer to sign the book for her but decided that it was rude and big headed and left her in peace to read. That moment really concreted for me that my novel was real. It's a confusing mixture of strange and unbelievably awesome to know that perfect strangers have read my book.

2) I'm very excited about your upcoming young adult series! Can you tell me a bit about The Walker Series and when we will be able to get our greedy hands on it?
I'm so excited about The Walker Series! The first book, The Time Walker, is currently with an editor before I do some re-writes and try to submit it to a publisher and I'm about 30,000 words into writing book two, The Mind Walker. These books are something new for me that I haven't tackled before, YA fantasy, but I'm LOVING it! I have a group of characters that I know inside and out and I love writing them and their quirky ways. I have no date on when you'll be able to read it as I haven't submitted it for consideration yet, but I'm hoping to do that by the end of this year. Basically, the plot is about a high-school girl, Holly, who discovers that her family is a long line of freedom fighting witches who can travel through time. She meets up with some other witches and might garner some attention from some handsome boys along the way. The series is planned to be four books long, each book focusing on a different power. Time Travel, Mind Reading, Walking the Astral Plain and Night Vision.

3) What is your average writing time like? Are you surrounded in calm music or is it chaos?
I can't work in silence. I just can't do it. I make playlists for whatever manuscript I'm working on and then pump my iTunes with songs that remind me of the characters or the plot. Sometimes, I'll just have dvds playing on my tv while I write, but there is always something else going on. I usually sit on my bed with pillows propped up behind me, laptop on my lap and notebooks and pens scattered around me with chapter plans of character arcs or little drawings of things I'm trying to describe with words. I'm a visual writer so it helps me to write if I can look at what I'm trying to describe. I also drink a lot of Diet Coke while I write. I can't drink normal Coke, it's just too sweet, but I can drink the diet stuff by the gallon. The caffeine keeps my mind active and helps me to write faster. I also have a "no reading" policy when I write. I don't allow myself to go and read back over what I've written until the manuscript is done. I have to have that rule in place or I'd never get off the first chapter. If I let myself, I would edit and edit and edit, trying to get the perfect sentence, paragraph etc. but that's not plausible. So, I write, write, write and when it's all done then I read and reread and reread and start editing. This process works for me. I use the quantity over quality approach - just get as many words down on paper as possible and then the quality comes in as I edit all the rubbish away and replace it with gems, or what I hope is gems haha

4) I wish they had a Yankee Candle that smelled just like your book cover looks! Where there any other images that the lovely flower petals had to contend with to be your final over?
The cover was such a source of stress for me. I had this idea in my mind of what I wanted it to look like and the publisher was great and recreated it for me as best they could, but when I saw it I knew it wasn't right. As the story is called Pieces of Us, I had this vision of a wedding photo shattered into lots of broken pieces of glass. In my mind it looked great, but in reality it was too harsh, too visually assaulting. I was devastated. I had no idea what else would fit the story and then the publisher sent me the cover with the purple rose petals scattered across the image and I knew it was right. Charlotte's wedding bouquet was purple roses and Cameron gives Charlotte purple roses several times in the story and to see the petals scattered, as if they had been torn from their stems and strewn on the floor was exactly right. I get so many compliments on the cover and I have to admit that I love it!

5) Okay, tell me your favorite song and movie!
That's so hard! I'm a bit of a movie buff and I see almost everything that comes out at the cinema. I have several movies that I can watch over and over which would include: P.S. I love you, Titanic, The Notebook, Dear John, 500 Days of Summer, A Lot Like Love (incase you can't tell, I love romance). But I also love movies that make me think like: Shutter Island, and  Inception, as well as feel good movies like: Reel Steel and This Means War. I have to admit that my movie choices can sometimes (read: mostly) be influence by the actors in the movie. Example - At the moment I have a major celebrity crush on Tom Hardy (Look him up, ladies! YUM!) and so I have been watching a lot of his movies. As for music, I have a very wide taste and like most styles. At the moment on my iPod I have a lot of Eminem, Kesha, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Rhianna.

Thanks so much Hannah! Please follow her over to www.HannahDowning.com to join in on the fun today! Also, you can find links to purchase her book. Have a great day guys. 

(P.S. Please find your letter below!)

xo Debra


  1. My thought for Hannah Downing is if you ever see me an a airport reading your book...PLEASE come over and offer to sign it. Definitely would be exciting not rude. The YA series sounds like it will be interesting.

  2. I have to work in silence & I love the cover.


  3. lol I agree with you Jen. :) I like how you are writing a series, it actually sounds great. I am writing them down so I can make sure to remember them. Most authors drink a lot of coffee surprising to see you drink a lot of diet coke. Learned something new.



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