Today is International Short Story Day! 

Thanks to Carol Oates for the Button

I love short stories. I actually have two contest winners for you to enjoy free today and and longer free eBook as well.

And last and maybe least is my humor piece that won third place in a 24 hour Publisher's Weekly contest titled:

I can't believe that the judges put up with my armpit hair laden story. They are a brave bunch. Please follow the linky below to my other Omnific sisters. They will treat you to free stories as well. Happy Short Story day! 


  1. Armpit hair... I don't believe I've read that one. lol Will get to it.

  2. Congrats to you on all your contest winning! And thanks for the links. Hooker in a Casket...I think I must bookmark that for reading later...

  3. Hooker in a Casket? *shakes head* :D I love Shackled, Debra!

  4. Girl, we need to hook up your Hooker in a Casket with my little masturbating zombie! Can you imagine the trouble we could come up with? *EVIL CACKLE*



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