Blake's Cardboard Piano Stop Five

Hey Guys! 

Blake's Cardboard Piano made it's first trip overseas. The gorgeous Squally took some requests and the piano for a wonderful tour of Perth, Australia.  Check it out:

Ferry Trip!


Swan River

Australian Swans

With a pretty metal tree!

Fake Roo!
Real Roo! ( request granted thx baby)

Perth Zoo Temple

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo
Perth Zoo
Pretty Fountain 

Perth Zoo
And here's a message from Squally:

Blake has a bed waiting for him if he ever needs one again. I'm glad he found a home in her arms and not just a roof over his head. He can play music for me anytime. I'll write the lyrics if he composes :) Perth was happy to to host his soundless concert here. As far as I'm concerned he's officially an Aussie. 

 Best of Luck,

 Squally Girl <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">


Wasn't that awesome? If you'd like to join the Poughkeepsie Cardboard Piano tour please email me with the words Cardboard Piano in the title and I will give you the details. Thanks again Squally! XO


  1. Twas a pleasure gorgeous girl. Warning to anyone joining the tour... People will stare and there may be injuries. Laying down on your belly with a cardboard piano is a funny sight and falling on your ass while trying to take a shot is even better.

    What a wonderful story to leave a mark on. The piano tour is fun but the greatest pleasure was reading Poughkeepsie.

    Thank You Deb for both <3 xxx

  2. You had pain for the piano! Oh no! Thank you so much for reading, you are wonderful and your pictures are so much fun. XO



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