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Hey Guys!

I'm thrilled today to interview Louise Fisher on the blog. Louise is a kick ass reader who is my hero because she got the actual Poughkeepsie tattoo on her actual body!!

How amazing is that? Check out the ink on her arm!

Debra Anastasia:  You must be an exceptionally sensitive soul to allow words to so thoroughly touch you! What does your new tattoo signify for you?

Louise Fisher: This tattoo signifies to me the bond and courage Blake, Cole and Beckett had, and the will to survive. You can be down on your luck and have nothing and still be happy. A few years ago, we went through a bad time, we had very little money coming in, no home, I had depression after the traimatising birth of my son on Christmas day. I hit rock bottom and literally wanted to take my own life if I hadn't finally spoke out and got help. You do not need money or expensive material things in life all you need is your family and I have a beautiful boy and loving partner. Getting this tattoo, I had to honor the brothers, no matter what they protect and look out for each other... That better than any money. (You get it, Louise. When a writer and a reader connect like this I feel like we toast our imaginations like champagne glasses. I am so very glad that you fought your way to the other side of the depression, you are so important.)

DA: Tell me about your tattoo parlor experience. I’m considering one myself (go Pough!) so I’d love to know how it went?

 LF: I love going to my tattoo parlor, Paul is my artist, I've known him since I was a teenager. So we joke around and have a laugh whilst listening to music, he is an amazing talented artist (He made me say that) He is the only artist I will go to and trust. You need that in a tattoo artist, you need to feel comfortable and at ease with them and certainly never be afraid to ask them questions. In no way should they ever make you feel uncomfortable. It's hard to explain what it feels like to be tattooed, I'd say the first few minutes are a killer then you get used to it, its like a burning scratch really and I love it! (I'm going to have to let you know if I have love at first needle. Isn't the Poughkeepsie design insane? Miss Shannon Lumetta worked that out.)

DA: How does it feel to be so freaking awesome?

LF:  Pretty cool actually and this tattoo is certainly helping me sell your 'Poughkeepsie' book. I like people admiring and asking me questions about my tattoos but there is also a downside. There are still narrow minded people out there. I was told by an old lady at Christmas that I was going to hell and how nice it was for the bookshop I work for to give me a job! I've worked there for 12 years. It's disgusting how people think sometimes, just because I have tattoos doesn't change who I am. (Thank God I wasn't standing behind that old lady or those words would be the last thing she said with her real teeth.)

DA: What is your favorite song, color, and holiday?

LF: My favorite song of all time has to be 'The Gambler' by Kenny Rogers.

My favorite color is black (sorry.)
I haven't been on holiday since our son was born but I would still love to visit America, I'd quite like to see Wyoming. (Listening to this song now! Awesome, haven't heard it in a while. America would be honored to have you, I speak for us all.)

DA:  Tell me about your other tattoos?

LF: All together I have 22 tattoos, here's a run down:
Back : Big angel wings and Dean Winchesters demon face. (I am a huge Jensen Ackles fan!)
Neck : left side- rosary cross
           Right side - Zombie face
Chest : left side - My 'Devils Pentagram' book symbol.
            Right side - Boondocks saints rosary cross.
Left arm : Big grim reaper, a few skulls and demons dotted around. Poughkeepsie!!! My sons name and DOB. 'Non timebo mala', a devils pentagram. 'supernatural'. A big 'my bloody Valentine' movie cover.
Right arm : Two  grim reapers, pentagram, angel wings, a devils pentagram to match the left one, wooden cross, X5-494. A big face of a gothic looking girl in a hood with a chain around her neck (From the band 'Disturbed'). (You are tremendously bad ass. Thank you so very much for taking Poughkeeepsie into your heart and your skin, Louise.)

Aren't you so impressed with my girl? I am such a huge fan! Thanks again Louise for dropping by. 

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  1. The tattoo looks amazing! :) I'm flattered just that you felt my design was worthy to commit to skin!



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