Baltimore Book Festival

I’m going to be appearing all three days of the Baltimore Book Festival with the Maryland Romance Writers. The festival is free too!

   On Friday the 28th I will be speaking on a panel where we will be discussing how to get the courage to write at 1pm. And at 6pm I’ll be around to talk vampires and chocolate.

   On Saturday the 29th I’ll be on a panel discussing romance in fantasy at 2pm.

   Saturday evening my friend Nise has arranged a meet and greet and laugh for my gorgeous reader friends. I’d love to kick back and chat with anyone that I’m lucky enough to have met through writing. Please feel free to drop by! I’m going to bake some cookies and bring some swag too. Here’s the invite:

A Gathering of Friends, featuring Debra Anastasia

8pm - Midnight 

In the boardroom,  
Wyndham Baltimore Peabody Court
612 Cathedral St., Baltimore 

The confirmation of your attendance would be kindly appreciated.

Please respond to Denise at

On Sunday the 30th I’ll be doing one last panel on writing funny and romantic things. We all know I’m there for the funny. At least I hope so. This whole festival will be my first baby steps into the world as an author. Hopefully I won’t poop my pants. Please let me know if you’ll be around! I’ll watch for you.


  1. I want to go to Baltimore!! I'm throwing a hissy fit right just can't see it, but it's happening! Why? Because I can't be there! On a side note: You won't poop your pants. You'll be brilliant!

  2. Thanks Kathy! I wish you were coming too, I'd love to give you a big hug.



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