The Tarot Diaries by Elicia Seawell

What would you do if you could find out your purpose in life? Would you want to know or be completely left in the dark?
Katie Jenkins finds out her purpose, but not in a way most people do. After a night of shots of tequila and a bet from her best friend, she is coerced to seek a fortune teller for insight into her future. What she finds out changes her life forever.
Katie comes from a long line of Romanian Gypsies cursed with the ability to not only read Tarot cards, but they also have to deliver the bad news to whomever the cards reveal. She, along with her best friend Phoenix (Finny) Carrington, seeks out those who are doomed and try to change their lives before something awful happens to them.
Can Katie stop a mad man from the deaths that surround her, or will she fall victim to the very same mad man responsible for the death of so many?
About Elicia M. Seawell
Elicia M. Seawell started out as a freelance graphic artist and fell in love with writing when she began her work in the newspaper industry. After long sleepless nights, she found writing as a way to combat her insomnia however most of her characters were developed while standing in the frozen food section deciding on ice cream. She is the author of “Peach River Acres” and “The Tarot Diaries” series, both being released by Rebel Ink Press. She is also the author of the self-published YA novella, “Shadows: The Story of the Kayouta.” Elicia is currently studying Behavioral Analysis/Psychology and is married to Michael Seawell. She has three children: Brandon, Rachel and Greta. She was also born in Darlington, SC and currently resides in Darlington.  
Excerpt from Tarot Diaries: The Fool
"I must say dear fellow, you've traveled quite a distance to get here," a voice said.
I looked to my right and saw a man sitting on a throne covered in vines. Upon his head was a crown made of gold, vines and red flowers. His robe was covered in grapes, blue lines and vines. He held a scepter in one hand and a pentacle in the other. His face looked kind as his armor covered leg propped upon the head of a lion or boar.
Clearly I'd dozed off and was in a dream, a third party watching as the Fool stopped in front of the King and bowed.
"Sir, I seek advice and assistance. I've traveled a long way to learn more about myself and I was told you were the one I should speak with."
The king adjusted himself in his seat, never letting go of his pentacle.
"What is it you seek, young traveler?" he asked.
"Generosity, kind sir. I want to learn more about what it means to be truly generous. The word throughout the countryside is you have a way of turning rocks into gold. Everything you touch becomes highly valuable. How is it you can do that yet be so generous at the same time?"
The king laughed a hearty laugh. "Dear traveler, I believe you should do unto others. I would give you this golden scepter and golden pentacle if it meant you needing to eat or settle a debt. I would feed you the very grapes that grow on my throne if it meant you needed sustenance. I give because it is better to do so than to be greedy. You will learn, dear friend, that in order to make yourself happy, you must give all you can to those who are less fortunate."
The Fool stood for a moment absorbing everything the King said to him.
"But kind King, what if I have nothing to give? As you can see, I'm a poor traveler with only a staff and a canine to keep my companion."
The king laughed again. "My friend, there are things you can always give.  A smile, a kind word, a helping hand to an old man who cannot lift a heavy bag of grain. There are many things you can do, even if you are a poor traveler yourself."
The Fool nodded in understanding. I could feel his heart growing with knowledge.
"Every time I give something of myself to others, I find more growth in my bountiful garden. The universe was developed on the rules of give and take, but never forget to return the favor. That's what keeps the circle of life going."
The King stood and walked to the brick wall behind him.
"Do you see this kingdom? It was once nothing but dust and dirt and one by one, as weary travelers such as yourself stopped seeking shelter, they stayed to return the favor of my generosity and never left. They created this kingdom and without kindness, it would be a barren wasteland of contrite, unhappy people."
I watched as the Fool stood beside the King, his equal, no man more important than the other. I could feel the Fool's energy increasing as he smiled. His weariness was leaving. The king reached over to a bowl that sat on the edge of the wall and handed the Fool a bunch of grapes and the Fool took ate until his belly was full.
"Dear kind King, how can I repay you for this most important lesson?"
The king sat down on throne again and smiled.
"Weary traveler, you can repay me by spreading the word of kindness. You've come this far in your path to enlightenment and I only ask that you follow my lead and help others that are less fortunate never asking anything in return. Since you've learned this lesson, your life will be full of plentiful bounties. You will never go hungry and you will never be alone. Good luck on your travels, young son. May your life always be full."
The Fool nodded as he walked down the winding stairs to his next destination.

Doesn't that sound great! Thanks to Elicia for letting me be a part of this. She totally rocks and her writing takes you on a wonderful journey. I had the pleasur eof being a pre-reader and can certify this book with AWESOME.Go get it!!

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