The Last Hurrah - Breaking Dawn pt 2 Event!

Hey Guys! Sigh, The last Twilight Saga movie is in my hot little hands. And my heart has a sad. The only way I know how to combat sadness is to party our faces off? Who's with me? March 9th 2013 7:00pm EST I want to have a watch along. Where we all watch the fuck out of our copy of Breaking Dawn pt. together. To make it interactive, pretty please pin your dress picture, your date, your make-up and the car you're arriving in! Below is the board! (A year ago we did this for the first Breaking Dawn, so I'm reusing the board!

Follow this link here for the board of awesome:

 Debra Anastasia

 I want to add everyone, so if you need me to add you, you can friend me on Facebook   

And I can add you on Pinterest. I want to add you as a contributor on the board so we can all see each other's outfits and dates. 

I have dibs on Johnny Depp. Just saying. 

Follow me on Twitter too @Debra_Anastasia if you'd like, as that's where I'll be tweeting the most about the party and movie. (But you don't have to!! Just use the hash tag #Dawn2Party and you will find the other guests!

Hope to see you there, ask any questions in the comments! 

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