Thursday Update!

Here's an update on stuff I'm doing. On May 18th from 2-5pm in Annapolis, MD Contact Tammy McGowan for more info on that small, casual event. 

My first! On June 29th I'll be at the with swag and a smile. Tickets are cheap! 

After the Book Bash Enn Bocci (Sylvian Reynard's assistant) Alice Clayton and I will be cruising into Margaritaville on Universal Walk to hang with readers. 

Poughkeepsie is an Audiobook you can find it on Audible too.   

You can win Livia's bouquet on my blog 

And the Seraphim Series in ebook here 

And you can win a signed copy of Poughkeepsie here We are donating to Alex's Lemonade. 

Ohhh I have some amazing Poughkeepsie news in a few months that I will explode with if I don't get to share it soon. So excited. Love you guys!! XOXOX


  1. Sometime being a west coast fan has it's drawbacks. I REALLY wanted to see you. Ah well, we all have to have something to dream about...Can't wait to hear your Pough news!!!

  2. So can't wait for May.. See you in MD..Gina

  3. Miss 1LAvishone, I know we will hug in person someday! XOX And Gina, I can't wait either!! XO



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