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Hey guys,

Just an update on some of the places you can get Poughkeepsie and the Seraphim Series:

Acts of Kindness from Literati Literature Lovers has a signed copy of Poughkeepsie. I always throw in swag, and this will include a Poughkeepsie themed crystal bracelet I make with my own horrible hands. I also just spoke with them about adding a google hangout, so I will add those details as I get them.

For Publishing Peeps Help Oklahoma there is a signed copy of Crushed Seraphim and matching angel swag. Another bracelet I make if my own horrible hands too! Last time I checked, no one had bid on it yet, so it could be a total steal for you!


Okay! Here's the deal, if donate ANY AMOUNT I will google hangout with you!! No matter how many people that is!!!!!! I won't stop hanging out until every single person is serviced. (That sounds awful, you know what I mean!!)

And last we have my crazy ass being interviewed at Fics to Flicks! I'm talking Twilight Fanfiction and Return to Poughkeepsie! ECopies of all three of my books are up for grabs, so head over.

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