Book bash moment

My book bash experience was amazing, and I will totally write it up for you when I get back from Florida.

But there was a moment that was better than the rest. My table was busy, I'm proud to say. The bash itself was totally hopping. Sometimes people would come from Dr. Ivan to me and sometimes it was the other way around. For this moment, Dr. Ivan had the first shot. I'm not sure what was said or how he responded, but the family involved had big smiles and laughter when he was done. Then I was next. In between our tables,  a mother rolled her son over to me. The last thing I expected was to be face to face with a little boy at this romance event. I looked at my table, wondering what I had that I could share with him. I spotted the temporary Poughkeepsie tattoo. We had a water squirter and paper towels to place them on readers if they so chose.

I held up the tattoo. His mother asked him where he wanted it. He pointed to his palm very seriously. She corrected him, saying it wouldn't last, to pick another spot.

 He pointed to his shin. I'm getting to look at his sweet face. I asked if he'd like me to put it on him and he nodded. I went about my task. His mom began to talk to the other adults, but I couldn't even look at her, because I was entrusted with the super important job of inking her boy. The process requires a countdown from 30, so I did it out loud. The closer we got to one, the bigger his smile got. Finally, I peeled away the paper. You would have thought I had preformed a magic trick. His mother thanked me and went on her way. It was such a day, that people were immediately in the void he left. He never even said anything to me, but that smile took the day. I'm so grateful I got to see him. Such an unexpected angel. When it was all said and done, I'm betting he was a lot of authors favorite.


  1. Aww! That is the cutest. I'm sure you made his day ever bit as much as he made yours.

    Hope you're having lots of fun in Florida!

  2. I totally had a great time Nicki!! Hope you rsummer is kick ass. And thanks Meagan. XO



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