Not in Vegas Party!!!

Hey Sexy.

Are you not in Vegas? Well then you just qualified for the #NotInVegas Twitter party! Tomorrow (8/17/13) at 7pm EST I will be on Twitter trying not to see my Facebook timeline!! 

We're going to talk about what books are blowing our balls off, giving away eCopies of fucking books and books about fucking!!! We can share our favorite song and newest nail color!!

It's going to be so much fun. Okay, not Vegas fun but you can still put alcohol in your faceplace! 


Where: Twitter @Debra_Anastasia
When: 7pm EST on the fucking twitter. (8/17/13)
 Who: My crazy ass and amazing authors and readers that come aboard!! 
Why: No Vegas :(
Bring: Your boobs, wine, chocolate, favorite man pictures for swapping, giveaways if you're an author. 
Hashtag: #NotInVegas

(*authors willing to join in say so in the comments so the party peeps know you're coming! share your twitter handle too!!)

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  1. Well. As those OTHER authors missed the comment train, I totes participated. And stole Beckett to screw around with after. (Thanks for that. I'm gonna be in pain for weeks, but it was SO worth it.) @Jen_DeLucy

    Jen DeLucy



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