Omnific Boyfriend Smackdown!!!

“Please, baby, you had to know the Devil would be well endowed."  

Satan Jack from Crushed Seraphim

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Satan Jack is waiting to kick some Omnific Men's asses in the Omnific Men Bitch Smackdown. Voting begins Sept. 30th Satan Jack is backed by

Zakirrah's Book Blog and every female with a working, throbbing vagina. 


And next up. (stumbling in smiling and still a little drunk...) Beckett Taylor from Poughkeepsie (on sale briefly for $2.99 and Return To Poughkeepsie (coming on Dec. 31, 2013) ! 

"Come here to me or run. Because the next choice you make will last for the rest of your life.” ~Beckett from RtP

(Pics from Bookish Temptations!

Mr. Taylor has his own Twitter complete with his horrible typing!!

He is being backed by Wild Wordy Women ...

But he has many lady friends in the Interverse, so watch for  tattooed, gun shoe wearing girls too!!!

Don't forget, the Omnific Pull Down Their Panties Smackdown is on!!



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