Some Fun Stuff!!!

Hey Guys!! 

I have some really crazy cute things for you to check out! My friend 'Nise and her girl Patti have been organizing the crap out of some of the extracurricular stuff Poughkeepsie readers and I do together! 

At Chaos Corner, you can take a look at real live Poughkeepsie tattoos and read the interviews with the kick ass readers who got them! 

 Chaos Corner 


And you can see all the places Blake's Cardboard Piano has visited at:

Blake's Cardboard Piano Tour!! (

There are slideshows and stories to go with each! Poughkeepise is sort of a sisterhood, right? (And brotherhood, we can't forget the boys!) 

Would you like to be part of the fun? We'd love to have you! Please contact for information or questions. You can have a visit with Blake's Cardboard Piano in your town, too! Also, if you have the Poughkeepsie tattoo and would like to share it with me and the other readers, send us a line. 


And the last bit of information was I wanted to direct your attention to the events page above. There you will find current giveaways, interviews and guest posts I've done if you have some time to kill. 

Thanks for dropping in!!

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  1. Well, I looked at all that stuff. It was great! The music was the same song I thought of while reading the book. Thanks for that!



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