HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition

To be released as an App and EPub this fall!!!!!!

The Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition has been simmering in my pants for over a YEAR! It feels wonderful to finally share it with you guys. It was about ten times harder than writing the original book. Which is crazy because writing a book is not a cakewalk.

What took me so long? Well, Omnific pretty much dared me to include anything I could dream of and I dream big! In Enhanced Edition of Poughkeepsie, which will be available as an App as well an EPub, there is everything I could ever want to share with my kick ass readers. 

I mean, the only way to Enhance the reading experience is to invite a few other types of media to the party.

What’s in it?

Well, over 47,000 new words including many just Blake and Livia moments never seen anywhere else. I wanted the reader to have more sweet love time with this unique couple. I wanted to show what a Saturday morning in bed would be like for them after they were married. I wanted to share the precise moment Livia and Blake find out she’s pregnant. More intimate and tender scenes had to be added.

I listened to certain songs over and over when writing Poughkeepsie, and I need to share those. So of course, I’ve got a secret *famous* romantic singer (swoon!) and Rustic Overtones blowing your mind and setting the scene! We have other artists like Jeff Epstein and Bo Heart. The soundtrack has 14 songs that embody Poughkeepsie perfectly.  We even created a band to get one song in the collector’s edition.

And then I went wild with pictures. I actually think I’m a picture junkie. I love the art in a photograph so this edition has my own personal pics, friends’ submissions and a ton of perfect professional shots  --so you can see Poughkeepsie scene by scene.

Did I mention the animated cover? No? The amazing cover puts the iconic hands in motion, allowing Blake and Livia to hold hands. It’s just one of the many gifs arranged to help visually connect the plot for the reader. And well, some of the pictures had to be a little porny, but in a romantic way. (Huge thanks to Carol Oates for all her genius!)

There are over twenty videos allowing access to my messy kitchen counter, my tattoo artist, an amazing metalsmith, and interviews. Of course I can’t decide my favorite, but seeing Beckett and Kyle come to life in scenes written just for this Collector’s edition is way up there. I’ve enlisted Romance Cover Model John Quinlan to load a gun and show you just what Beckett looks like in his underwear. See professional ballerina Tiffany Hartsfield working with choreographer Maurissa Koide to portray Kyle’s heartbreaking dance style as she falls in love with Cole.

You’d think that would be plenty? More than enough! Well we’ve got games, a glimpse into how many different draft covers there were before we finally nailed the one that took the honors, Livia’s recipe for her dinner for Blake, a knitting pattern from Mouse, and a few how-to videos so you can make some Poughkeepsie keepsakes for yourself. There is a HUGE teaser for Return to Poughkeepsie as well! (Please note, this hoopla is built around the original story, the sequel in the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series is due out December 30th, 2013.)

Omnific is all about Romance without Rules and they even let me break the most basic one…that books are only made up of words! So please, join in the fun. You can read Poughkeepsie for the first time…again.

 Released Fall 2013 

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