Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition

Excerpt from Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition:

“And now you’re scared I’m crazy. Listen, I’ll go.” She turned toward the stairs.

He grabbed her hand as gently as he could to stop her. The tingling started, and he wanted to hold it forever. She looked at his hand and then at him and smiled again.

He’d need a mental wheelbarrow to keep today’s smiles. “Don’t go. I’m not scared of you. I promise.” He wanted to kiss her.

“That’s good.” She squeezed his hand and stepped closer.

To anyone walking by they would seem a happy couple. The dream of it made him swallow.

“So if I don’t have a train to catch, do you think you’ll get sick of me?” She kept his hand in hers.

“No.” Never leave.

The train pulled out, and the platform became a stage for just the two of them.

“You know, I hate trains,” she said. “Well, not trains but the tracks. I’m always afraid I’ll have a spasm or something and fall on the tracks. How weird am I? Why am I saying this out loud?” She finally let go and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She had nothing to tie it back with, so it fell down her back again. A breeze set free the scent of her shampoo and swirled a few tendrils around her face.

“No weirder than the guy who plays a cardboard instrument.” He dared to sweep the hair from her face, and she looked up at him. The eyes were definitely bluish today. The moment was so full, and he knew it wasn’t just him. She could feel it too—he’d bet his life and his piano on it. He took a deep breath.

“Thank you for coming to see me, Livia. You’re the best part of my day.” Too much. So much.

She reached up and pushed some hair from his forehead. He closed his eyes so he wouldn’t snatch her hand and kiss it. He desperately needed to play it cool.

“I know what you mean.” Her hand lingered just a hope too long.


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