Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition eBook and App!!! (IPad ONLY for right now)

The enhanced edition of Poughkeepsie is available in iPad app form from iTunes here: IPAD ONLY!!! It will only work on IPAD at this moment!!!

Droid, iPhone, and ePub (which will work on your computer) will be available in the near future. Please add your email address HERE with your preferred format, and I will send you a note when it’s available.

Let me tell you a story...that comes alive before your eyes! Omnific Publishing and I have been working on this passion project for over a year. And when I say enhanced I mean everything my crazy ass could dream of putting in my book! I dream big. And Omnific breaks rules. We're dangerous together. So what's in this thing? It might be easier to tell you what's not in there...
Naked people? Nope. I've got naked people in there.
A custom soundtrack from Ron Pope, The Rustic Overtones, Violet Winter, Monoxide G, Jeff Epstein and The Cityline Singers, and Bo Heart that plays while you read? Nope, I've got that too. (What? I KNOW!)
Never mind, I'm too excited to play this game anymore. Here's what’s coming at you:
Threaded through the original story is a running, pop-up commentary from me (your author). The app also includes games like "Which Poughkeepsie Man is Your Perfect Match?," how-to videos, a video tour of Poughkeepsie (the real town), insight into how the book cover was designed including alllll of our draft Poughkeepsie covers, and a Mouse-approved knitting pattern. There are sound effects in all the right spots to enhance the story, plus additional videos, pictures, animation, and songs, as well as new scenes you’ve never read before.
But still I had more dreams. I wanted actors recreating scenes from the book. Impossible, crazy even…and yet in this enhanced edition you’ll watch as Beckett talks to Mouse, and you can be swept away as Kyle dances—lost in herself and her new love for Cole.
This is the ultimate love letter to my readers. I can't even calculate the amount of time and effort and miracles it took to bring this to you, but you deserve it all! Please enjoy the enhanced version of Poughkeepsie, it's waiting for you at the train station and counting your smiles.

To download the Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition for your iPad search "Poughkeepsie" or "Omnific Publishing" in the APP store on your device for your iPAD. 

Coming Soon: The APP will be available on iPhones, Droid platforms (for your smart phones and kindle fire) and ePUB (for your computer) please add you name to the notification form linked above.

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