Ron Pope's New Album and our Radio Interview together!!

Okay, first things first, Ron Pope's brand new album just dropped. It's called "Calling off the Dogs" and I adore it.

Ron Pope is such a go to instant buy artist for me. He writes music that can just transport the listener. I write to it alllll the time. I can't imagine a single human being that wouldn't enjoy his songs. 

Back in the day, when I first published Crushed Seraphim I needed some music to set the tone of my book's trailer. I contacted Ron on a wild hope that he would grant me the use of his song, "Shoot Out the Lights." I cried actual tears when he responded (and quickly!) that it was fine with him. He agreed not because he knew me -- because he didn't--but because he wanted to support another artist's dream. Right? I know. 

He's genuinely the nicest guy.  But he could have kicked me in the ass and I would never stop listening to his music. 

Anyway, this whole post is to tell you that he and I will be on the same amazing radio show today:  Northwest Prime Blog Talk Radio with Lori Ness. at 4pm EST today (1/6/14) for an hour! I'll be discussing the Poughkeepsie Series and the Enhanced eBook (soon to be released!) and Ron will let us know alll about his new album. 


  1. sooo when will Ron Pope's album be available in CD for folks like me who don't have mp3's or ipods?? Anybody know?

  2. I do not know! I have a tape cassette in my van. Wow. Just thinking about that.

  3. OMG! I shouldn't laugh because I don't even own or know how to use an ipod, but....that's freaking funny! I love Ron Pope's music, but poor me...I haul around my cd player when I'm cleaning house or reading! Just as funny!

  4. Haha!! That's why I love my computer, just turn it on and let it play!

  5. Yea, I do love spotify for that!



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