#SavingPoughkeepsie Teaser

*Unedited Teaser**

Cole watched this man in front of him have a dream. A beautiful dream.

He added quietly, “It’s an amazing plan. I’m so proud of you.”
Beckett turned and looked at Cole with a skeptical gaze, ‘But…”

“No. Just flat out perfection. You’re a force to be reckoned with. You’re so damn smart. And you have a power inside of you that’s unstoppable. You,” Cole stood and walked with purpose until he was right in front of his brother, “have been put on this earth for a reason. And I do believe you’ve found it.” #SavingPoughkeepsie


  1. Cannot WAIT for this book! Loved the teaser!

  2. Thanks! I can not wait to give it to you!

  3. Dude!!! I love u woman! I love this man more than I love cake. My 64 yr old mum does too. When are we getting this book xxx

  4. Hopefully by the end of the year. Can you hug your mum for me!! You two are adorable. XO

  5. My mum didn't get my decision why I wanna adopt before now she's all over it. Hahahh love u debs but not more than I love beckett xxxxx

  6. Holy crap! I'm so stinkin excited for more Poughkeepsie! I'm waiting on my turn with cardboard piano tour. Our town just remodeled the historic train station.



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