Saving Poughkeepsie Teaser

“I think it’s fake actually, or some sort of cemented, laminated nonsense.” Eve put her hand on Ryan's shoulder and went to her tip toes to take a closer look. “It’s lived forever.”

Ryan thought his balls might sprout opposable thumbs and try to hitchhike their way into her pants if she brushed him with her breast one more time.
He reached up and touched the mistletoe gently, using his height to answer her question. “It’s fresh, he must buy it new each year.”

He looked down at her, she was just a few mistakes away from his lips. So close, he actually watched as the love for her father passed over her face. She was such a fucking panther, making her laugh and seeing her love made his resolve so weak.

“He’s a great guy.” She took her hand from his shoulder and parted her lips as she looked at his.

He pulled her to him gently, allowing her every opportunity to push back. His lips touched her forehead as he inhaled the scent of her hair.  #SavingPoughkeepsie #OhShit

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