The Blushing Reader: POUGHKEEPSIE ENHANCED COLLECTOR'S EDITION APP Tour...: Welcome to the Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector’s Edition App Tour!  Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia has been a cult hit be...

"This experience was unlike anything I have ever been through with a book or story!  I sat down and spent hours reading and immersing myself back into the world that is Poughkeepsie.  It was truly like getting to read your favorite book again, but for the first time.  I am in awe of how Debra Anastasia pulled this off! 

What makes it so cool?  Everything!!  Seriously, you are getting to hear, see, feel and surround your senses in this story.  There are tons of pictures, videos, games, music and extra scenes that just took this app and this book to a whole new level for readers.  I am VERY excited about this app and can't wait to see if she does more with this platform!" 5 stars (I would give this a 1,000 stars!) from Blushing Reader Blog   Go! Grab an entry in the giveaway!!!! And thank you Michelle for reading. I adore you.

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