The Ultimate Tour of Power for the Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition App Schedule of Awesomeness


March 19th

--> Books and Motherhood  (Author and Character Interview) *post is live

--> Sweet Spot Book Blog  (Guest Post on Interactive Apps) *post is live

--> The Scarlet Siren (Author Interview)

 --> L.J ~ Secret Addiction *post is live

--> About That Story *post is live

--> Southern Belle Book Blog *post is live

--> Martini Times Romance (Guest Post Images) *post is live

--> Fics 2 Flicks (Guest Post on Movies) *post is live

--> Read This~Hear That (Guest Post on Extra Scenes) Author and Character  Interview *post is live

--> Kelsey's Korner Blog*post is live

--> Love N. Books

--> Ana's Attic Book Blog (Guest Post on John Quinlan) *post is live

--> Paranormal Book Club

--> The Blushing Reader (Guest Post on Romantic Scenes) Author Interview *Post is live

--> A Love Affair With Books (Guest Post on Shannon Lumetta and Micha Stone) Author Interview  *post is live

--> My Book Boyfriend (Guest Post on Interactive App) Author and Character Interview *post is live

--> Sarah Says Read Romance *post is live

--> My e-Literate Obsession *post is live

--> Miscellaneous Thoughts of a Bookaholic *post is live

-->  My Book Muse *post is live

--> Lustful Literature *post is live

--> Heat Suffused

--> Curious Kindle Reader *post is live

--> Perusing Princesses *post is live

--> ♥ The Romance Vault ♥  *post is live

--> Nerdygirly book blog (Guest Post on Music)

--> Snarky Bloggers (Author Interview)

--> Princess Pains Book Blog *post is live

--> The SubClub Books

-->The Bookish Babe *post is live

--> Hackaroo's Reviews (Guest Post on Street Teams) Author Questions *post is live

--> Wild Wordy Women

--> *post is live



March 20th

-->TBQ's Book Palace

-->The Geekery Book Review *post is live

-->Henry Cavill Character Interview *post is live

--> Ripe For Reader (Guest Post on Indie Authors) *post is live

-->A Bookalicious Story

-->White Zin Bookends

-->Turning Pages At Midnight *post is live

-->Miss Little Book Addict's House Of Books

-->Le'BookSquirrel Author Questions *post is live





March 21st

-->WiLoveBooks *post is live

  --> HEAs Are Us (Guest Post Legal issues) *post is live

--> In Stefter's Humble Opinion: The Book Barista *post is live

--> Biblio Belles *Post is live

--> Summer's Book Blog *post is live



March 22nd

--> Books Unhinged Book Blog *post is LIVE

--> Jess Molly Brown Author Interview

  --> Dirty Girl Book Club 

--> Tattooed Book Review *post is LIVE

--> Mean Girls Luv Book

--> Book Babes Unite *post is LIVE

--> Whirlwind Books (Guest Post on New Age of reading) Author Interview

--> The Pixie Reader (Guest Post on Layers)*Post is LIVE

--> Krystal Clear Book Reviews

--> The Book Blog (Guest Post on Cult Hits) *post is LIVE

--> Fairy Dust Author Interview

--> Lit Junkie

--> VT Freebie Girl *Post is LIVE



March 23rd

-->Rebel Book Chicks (Guest Post on New Age of Writing)

--> The Book Avenue Review (Guest Post on Oscar del Amor )

March 24th

--> Love, Words & Books (Guest Post about Readers)

--> The Book Bellas (Guest Post on Videos)

--> The Rock Stars of Romance(Guest Post on Ron Pope)

--> Hackaroo's Reviews (Guest Post on Street Teams) Author and Character Interview

--> It's Andrea's Book Blog

--> Swoon Worthy Books (Guest Post on Jeff Epstein)  

--> Once Upon a Twilight (Guest Post on Cursing)

--> Make My Day Book Club (Guest Post on Carol Oates)

--> Brandee's Book Endings

--> Live Read and Breathe

--> The Book Lovers



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