Promise wrapped in a prayer.. The Revenger

#WIP Her gaze had never left his eyes, like she could see right into his mind. The screen cracked again, a fissure from the top to the bottom. She was actually going to break through the impenetrable glass.

Finally the chair dropped from her grasp. She walked to the mural and put one hand on it. He mimicked her motion despite his bodyguard's protests.

Hand-to-hand they stood and he could feel her hot hate. This close to her face he could see into her cloudy, gray eyes. They held so much pain.

He almost felt sympathy.

Her perfect lips, rose-colored from her exertion, began moving. He hoped the camera was still functioning so he could replay her words again and again later. Her voice was reverent, a promise wrapped in a prayer.

"Know this, I will kill you. Take these words and carve them on your horrible soul." She looked from his lips to his eyes and smiled before adding, "I will be the one that kills you."

The Revenger (unedited teaser)

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