#WIP Teaser (unedited) The Revenger

#WIP Teaser (unedited) The Revenger

"Well, I'll tell you what. I was going to tap Beth again but her baggy snatch feels like I'm fucking thin air." He was looking at her breasts. "But you'll do. I bet when I slap you the red mark will stay a while. You're all pale and shit." He rubbed himself with one hand and wiped his mouth with the other.

She couldn't take her attention from his red atmosphere. It throbbed for her, tempted her, gave her power.

Something's wrong with me. I need to be scared. I should be afraid.

The asshole liked pain; it was his foreplay. He backhanded her viciously. Her hair whirled around her face as she absorbed the blow. He was still rubbing himself, but harder now.

Her mind snapped. She went primal, she went feral. All she could see was red. She knew her strength wasn't reasonable. She knew right where to step, how to plant her feet to throw punches. He was more surprised than she was, which was saying a lot.

Every time she landed another crushing hit, the red around him got smaller and it felt fantastic. The more he screamed, the more satisfied she became. She stepped on his femur and grabbed his ankle.

Effortlessly, she bent his leg until it gave a sickening snap. She started laughing out loud with the euphoria as she proceeded to break each of his limbs. He was screaming like an animal and it made her so powerful.

She finally stumbled back and closed her eyes. She reached out her arms and took a deep breath. The man couldn't even cry anymore. She knew his red aura was gone, it wasn't forcing her closed lids to glow anymore.

She heard a few things at once. The exit door the asshole had opened to push her into this alley swung open. Men's heavy footfalls were coming around the corner as well.

In front of her was the second most horrifying sight she had ever asked her eyes to behold. She had damn near torn the man apart.

He was still alive, but she bet he wished he wasn't.

I did this. Oh my God. What did I do?

Her hands were shaking and, dear God, she was covered in his blood. The large bouncer pushed past the gawkers and put a hand on her shoulder. His voice was so high it would be comical, but it wasn't tonight,

"Where did they go? Which way did they go?" He wanted answers that he wasn't going to get, because she wasn't able to talk.

"There had to be, like, five guys that did that to him, which way did they go?" He shook her shoulders gently.

He doesn't think I did this? Of course he doesn't. Oh. My. God.

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